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Exeter digital stations getting closer


ExeDAB News

Monday, 7 February 2022


Call for aspiring broadcasters to sign up

A new digital radio network serving the Exeter area is to launch this spring.

The city is one of 25 across the UK to get ‘small-scale DAB’ – a way of broadcasting a large number of radio stations over a relatively small area; in Exeter’s case of around seven miles or so around the city.

Last year broadcast regulator Ofcom announced that ExeDAB, a local company backed by commercial station Radio Exe and community stations Phonic and Riviera FM, would be granted a seven-year licence to run the network.

Subsequently the regulator asked ExeDab to change its original transmission plan to avoid interference with existing frequencies, but has now approved transmitter sites at Hilltop Riding School in the Pennsylvania area of the city and at Cranbrook Education Campus.

Now ExeDab is asking for people who want to launch radio stations to prepare to get on air. It is likely that broadcasting could start in June.

ExeDAB chairman Dr David Treharne said: “We’re hoping that new radio stations will come on board, as well as allowing existing local broadcasters, such as Phonic and Riviera, to go on digital radio for the first time.

“The costs of broadcasting are just a fraction of what they would be to cover a large area, so this system allows schools and clubs to launch their own stations, for event organisers to have a station just for a few days, or for stations outside Exeter to extend into the area.”

Radio stations will need to have a licence to broadcast from Ofcom, together with royalty licences if they play music.

To book a slot on the ExeDab transmitter, contact

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