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Why choose Exeter

A thriving place to broadcast

Exeter is Devon's capital city and the administrative, commerical and cultural focal point of the county.

When you put your radio station on ExeDAB, you shoose on of the most thriving, inclusive and prosperous cities in the UK.

The city is a major growth hub*:

  • ​Population up 15 per cent in the decade to 2020

  • High proportion of people in employment

  • Highly educated workfoce (more than half of working-age people have Level 4 qualifications or above)

  • Weekly earnings in top quartile of UK cities

Exeter has come through the pandemic well too. It is one of three cities, along with Cambridge and York, that has fewer claimants than before covid struck. As the pandemic subsides, more people have jobs in Exeter than previously.

Not only is Exeter thriving, its world-class university, excellent schools, a brilliant post-16 college and major innovation centre and science park, make it a place which is actively developing into a knowlege-based economy.

It's cool to be in Exeter

A Roman city built on the east bank of the River Exe, Exeter is steeped in history but with a clear focus of what it wants to be in the future.


The new St Sidwell’s Point leisure complex in the city centre, is the country’s first to be built to energy-efficient Passivhaus standards. And although a small but perfectly formed city with around 120,000 residents, more than 400,000 are in the travel-to-work/college/culture area.


More than 10,000 students study at Exeter University, a member of the Russell Group of top UK universities, which boosts the city’s population in term-time, and provides a younger audience through much of the year.

What this means for your station

In short, a permanent base of residents, including a high proportion that are affluent and well-educated, plus a regular flow of potential listeners to your radio station, either as commuters, students, shoppers, and people on a culture-fix.


So as people perhaps listen to you online or through your app, when they reach the ExeDab transmission area around Exeter, the can choose you in lovely, stereo high-quality DAB too.

(*source: Centre for Cities)

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